Expert arborist and Husqvarna ambassador in Spain Tino Meis noted that only in the province of Pontevedra this pest has killed over 10,000 palm trees, 80% of those subject to control in this area.

Ordes, 14 June 2021.  The growing problem caused by the spread of the red palm weevil in palm trees across Spain has led the company Internaco, specialized in the distribution of machinery for gardening and forestry, to organize an education session on the matter for all its dealers so that they may provide professional advice to those customers seeking solutions to prevent and control the pest.

The person delivering the lecture was expert arborist and Husqvarna ambassador in Spain Tino Meis, who warned of the damage that the red palm weevil is causing to palm trees: “Only in the province of Pontevedra, to mention just one example, this pest has resulted in the death of over 10,000 palm trees that were subject to control, which is 80% of the total, according to a recent study. In many other areas, we don’t have updated data, but the impact is similar”.

To fight this problem, the specialist presented to those attending the session a system for the prevention and control of the pest, Syngenta Tree Care, which is “practically 100%” effective. The treatment is applied once a year and may be applied at any time, but it will be most efficient in spring and early summer as it is then when sap moves more intensively resulting in a better distribution of the product. The treatment consists of two injections of emamectin (benzoate), a naturally occurring molecule resulting from a process of microbiotic fermentation. The product is applied directly to the sap of the palm tree so that it is distributed throughout the palm tree, thus protecting the whole tree. “The persistence of the product reaches 360, and the mortality rate of the red palm weevil larvae is 95%” remarks the specialist. “Besides this system is not only safe for the palm tree but also for pollinators, as well as for people and pets”.

This is the most effective and efficient endotherapy system. All the product applied remains inside the palm, with no leakages and the holes are perfectly sealed. Its use is, of course, authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Finally, Tino Meis explained that there is also the possibility of resorting to surgery in the case of some infested palm trees which may still recover.

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