We are global experts in the commercialisation of innovative, competitive and quality solutions.  We are specialists in providing people with products and services oriented to the care of natural spaces and those associated with the hardware and DIY sectors through an extensive and specialized network of dealership.



Our drive is to be absolutely relevant. To be surprising and impressive for those who have decided to trust our products and services; indispensable for our suppliers and the best possible partner for our dealers and affiliates.



It defines us and we prove it on a daily basis, following our own, independent path, free from the volatile ambition to be the best, while striving to be better every single day as we are only too aware that the former is not always sustainable, but the later does endure over time.



Our ambition is to be absolutely relevant in the understanding that in order to achieve this we must go beyond the expectations of users, manufacturers and dealers by providing innovative, impressive and exclusive brands, products and services.



We develop it, we promote it and make the most of its collective use. Our constant need to change, innovate and evolve demands generating and implementing disruptive proposals and suggesting constant improvements.



We minimise the impact of our activity by collaborating with organisations and institutions; providing training and safety to all those working with us and contributing to the development of communities wherever we are actively present.

Business areas


Quality and innovation in the product, professionalism and continuity in the service, to supply leading brands in the sectors of forestry, compacting, cleaning, recycling, energy and hardware products.



Ambition and Stratetic Planning

We believe in improving through technology

We believe in solid relationships and long-term projects, we like technology and we​ prefer environments of high innovation, where far from competing, plans are agile,​ flexible and disruptive. ​Change not only does not frighten us, it is our natural environment, where we feel​ comfortable. We are convinced that nothing can remain immutable in a project that is​ designed to last. Because of this, our commitment is clear: we question our processes​ continuously, changing whenever it is necessary and appropriate and transforming​ ourselves on a daily basis.


We need businesses that can inspire trust and confidence.

Trust is not bought, it is earned.​

And in order to build it, we need to evolve from a traditional transaction-based​ approach to a relationship-based approach.​

​For a business relationship to be successful, we must bring them to discover us, get​ them to like what we offer, and give them a powerful reason to trust us. Hence our​ obsession with developing the brand image, as well as the content, communication and​ loyalty of the brand. ​

​Branding is the best way to build trust before we are known, before we have shared​ any interaction.​


We need business capable of appearing trust-worthy, where we like to shop.

We defend local traders.​

We are a local business that needs to transform, but in which we believe and trust​ completely.​ We dedicate a large part of our efforts and resources to this business aspect,​ combining three main areas: the physical, digital and social part.

It is practically a reality. As customers we no longer have the need to go to a physical​ point of sale, we need stores where we like to go shopping. That is why we believe that​ the customer experience at points-of-sale has to undergo a constant process of​ optimisation and reinvention, generating physical and digital spaces that are able to​ surprise and thrill.​


We need business capable of appearing trust-worthy, where we like to shop and where the price won’t be the only argument.

As a trading company, we are what we sell…​

This is a reality, but it is nevertheless true that products are what they are, because of​ the message that they convey (commercial management), as well as due to the​ performance obtained with it (user experience).​

Having this in mind we build our value proposition by focusing on three strategic areas:​ effective and proactive customer service, the development of an adequate range of​ quality products, and a proper after-sales support service. ​

​Our obsession is to make the sale, rather than the last step of the process, the first one​ in a much longer relationship.​


We need businesses capable of appearing trust-worthy, where we like to shop, where the price won’t be the only argument and that make everything extremely easy.

We have definitely changed…

We are not and will not be the same as we were at the beginning of 2020. We will seek​ more open spaces, we will do more digital transactions, we are more concerned about​ ecology and sustainability, the home has become our vital centre… but we have also​ become somewhat more comfortable and impatient.

We want whoever interacts with us to make everything really easy for us, in terms of​ advisability, schedules, access, logistics, experience, information…





After obtaining in 1969 exclusive distribution rights of the brand Husqvarna (world leader in outdoor machinery) Internaco is born in 1976 to provide service to the whole Spanish market.



We exported our first Generator Set and reached a turnover of €10 million



Husqvarna gives us market exclusivity in the Portuguese market, where we have experience with other brands of the group.



Diversification of our activity and opening up a new line of business in the compacting and recycling industry by adding Nordic brands Tomra and Runi.


Olive groves, fruit trees and vineyards

Our diversification continues as we obtain the exclusive rights for French brand Infaco, which is specialised in olive groves, vineyards and the fruit-growing sector and is a world pioneer in the manufacturing of electric pruners.



We reached an agreement with ZANON SRL for the exclusive distribution rights of this Italian farming machinery brand with over 50 years of experience in the development of quality tools of international prestige.


Benito Areán

We acquired the Benito Areán Hardware Group, the embryo and trigger for what will be the El Sabio hardware store transformation project, launched in 2020. That same year we reached 80 million euros in turnover.



We added Morocco to the exclusivity territory for the Husqvarna brand.


Green Space Professional

A new division is born: INTERNACO GSP (Green Space Professional), which specialises in the marketing of machinery for the professional care of green areas.


Professional Irrigation

This year we have boosted the irrigation section by creating a new company: Max Rain Water and Garden, which is a distributor for the most important brands in this sector.


GreenBlue Urban

We incorporate the GreenBlue Urban brand into the Green Space Professional division, with the aim of helping to create greener and more sustainable cities.


El Sabio Expansion

We consolidate El Sabio's expansion through the acquisition of Ferreglobal, representative of Truper, the world's leading tool brand.


New logistics platform

We reinforce El Sabio's project with the provision of a new robotized logistics platform in Madrid with 35,000 square meters of warehouse space.



We taken on the Ecotech brand in the Forestry and Garden division: a Spanish brand specialising in the sale of high quality lawn mowers and brush cutters, leader in the hillside mowing sector.


AG Group acquisition

We acquired a majority stake in AG Group, an industry leader specialising in services and solutions in agricultural, forestry and green area machinery.




Internaco begins to operate


Dealers and associated partners in Spain and Portugal




50 countries / 5 continents


Capacity of our logistic centres


Turnover in 2022

Topical issues


May 16, 2024

AG Group to exclusively distribute Italian company MDB’s radio-controlled equipment

AG Group expands its portfolio with MDB SRL's state-of-the-art remote-controlled vehicles for the Spanish market, offering safe and efficient solutions for various industries. 16 May 2024. Based in Huesca, AG…
Bosque y Jardín
April 11, 2024

Husqvarna and Internaco Environment present their latest innovations at Expomunicipal 2024

Husqvarna showcases innovative robotics solutions, lawn tractors and battery-powered products for professional grounds care Internaco Environment offers efficient solutions for sustainable industrial waste management 11 April 2024. Swedish brand Husqvarna,…
Bosque y Jardín
April 11, 2024

Husqvarna and Internaco Environment present their latest innovations at Expomunicipal 2024

Husqvarna, the market leader in green care products and services, expands its 5 series with powerful and reliable professional battery-powered machines. The power you need for professional work with less…


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