INTERNACO S.A. announces the creation of a new division, Internaco Green Space Professional, specialised in the supply of professional machinery for the care of green spaces.

INTERNACO S.A. has been, for over 50 years now, the exclusive distributor for the Spanish and Portuguese markets of Husqvarna, a world leading brand in outdoor machinery.

In this new project of the INTERNACO enterprises group, the Galician company has the collaboration of AB Parts & Machines, a prestigious Malaga-based company engaged in the business of machinery for golf premises and the distributor of Japanese brand BARONESS, which is internationally recognized for offering the best cutting quality. Besides, INTERNACO GSP is now the distributor for the Spanish and Portuguese markets of Star EV, an American company specialised in electric cars (in both the commercial and the golf version).

STAR EV, Brand name of the electric cars manufactured by STAR EV Corporation (North Caroline, USA). These are electric cars for golf, commercial purposes and the transportation of people. It is currently the fastest growing manufacturer of electric vehicles in the USA. The Star EV range provides options for a great deal of needs as its products are customised using top-quality components (Trojan batteries, Curtis controllers and Lester chargers).

BARONESS, which was founded over 100 years ago, of Japan’s The Kyoeisha Group has always pursued quality the greenkeeper’s challenge of creating the perfect golf course. Its cutting equipment is internationally recognised as the best quality equipment in the market. https://www.baronessuk.com

For further information:
Alvaro Real Roura – Director of Internaco Green Space Professional

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