The jury recognised the brand’s commitment to technological innovation, which has led to a revolution in robot gardening

15 April 2021.- Gardening machinery company Husqvarna, whose distributor is Spain is the Internaco Group, received an award in the 4th Premios Nacionales de Tecnología Siglo XXI (National Technology Award 21st Century), held in Madrid last 13th April. The award was collected by Juan Luis Ferro Gil, the Managing Director of Husqvarna Bosque & Jardín, of the Internaco Group.

The jury took into account “the brand’s commitment to innovation, which is one of its basic tenets, thus leading to a revolution in the field of gardening robotics for home and commercial use”. In this regard, two years before the first autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner that was able to navigate around obstacles was marketed, Husqvarna was already ahead of them with the launching in 1995 of Solarmower. Powered by solar energy, it was the first of a family of robotic lawn mowers that the Swedish company has been refining ever since.

Today, Husqvarna offers up to 16 robotic lawn mowers, all of them fully autonomous, quiet and with high cutting capacity so that they are suitable for handling mowing areas of different sizes, from 600 square metres in the case of the Automower® 105, up to the 5 000 square metres that a professional robotic lawn mower can handle, not to mention that its 4×4 models can work in slopes with an incline up to 70%.  Its latest robot for home use, the 415X, is able to handle slopes up to 40%, includes GPS assisted navigation, X-Line design, premium features, and may be controlled through a smartphone using the Automower® Connect App.

On the other hand, as part of its continuous technological improvement process, Husqvarna has developed a system of sensors called Fleet Services™, designed for public institutions or companies that have a wide fleet of lawnmower riders. This makes it possible to control the whole fleet, obtain performance data and their real time location as well as monitor CO2 emissions and check the maintenance history of the equipment.

Respecting the environment

The jury of Premios Nacionales de Tecnología also underscored the efforts by Husqvarna to develop and design all its products attending to the needs of their users, improving work in the natural environment thanks to the introduction of environmentally friendly machines.

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