This is the third course in Spain that commissions STAR EV’s Capella model cars from Galician company Internaco. These cars stand out for being innovative and environmentally-friendly.

Ordes, 10 June 2020. The Green Space Professional division of Internaco Group has delivered 10 STAR EV’s Capella cars to the Cerrado del Águila Golf Course at Mijas (Malaga). The Galician company is the exclusive distributor of this brand in both Spain and Portugal and this is the third fleet it delivers in the Iberian Peninsula of this latest-generation model of electric cars manufactured in 2020.

Ana Belén Sarriá, director of A&B Parts Machines (the company in charge of the Service Centre in the area), delivered the ten STAR EV’s Capella model cars. These electric cars are environmentally friendly and include a 48-volt motor. They sit two people and have room for the golf bags. With an innovative design, they are adapted to move in golf courses thanks to its soft suspension and high-backed seats. 

Ana Belén Sarriá, director of A&B Parts Machines, remarks that “Internaco’s commitment to innovation and providing its customers with the best technical service wherever it operates is well known”.

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