The Husqvarna 592 XP® and 585, developed in collaboration with profesionals in the forestry industry, are distinguished by their reliability, durability and cutting capacity.

18 June 2021.- Swedish company Husqvarna, which manufactures forestry, farming and gardening machinery, has announced its distributors worldwide that it is launching its new 90cc chainsaws Husqvarna 592 XP® and 585 as anticipated earlier this year. To this end, the company organised an online event where attendants had the chance of getting to know every detail of the new equipment launched, which was developed in collaboration with professionals in the forest industry worldwide.

Aimed at professional users, this new generation of 90cc chainsaws has been designed so that the operator may face complex tasks as easily as possible. Reliable and long-lasting, both chainsaws have a great cutting capacity as they may be fitted with the combination of a X-Tough™ or X-Tough™ Light bar and the X-CUT™ chain which is distinguished by the fact that it stays sharp for a long time. Because of their power, ergonomic and excellent ease of handling, they have been designed for intensive work under extreme weather conditions.

Husqvarna product director Johan Hallendorff summed up this new version of these classic products of the brand by saying “60 years of know-how encapsulated in two new models”.

Husqvarna 592 xp®, the best cutting capacity

The Husqvarna 592 XP® offers the best cutting capacity of its class to work better and quicker and tackle the most complex tasks. When compared to competitor models in the same market segment, it stands out by its unbeatable combination of low weight, as little as 7.4 kg, and its high level of power, up to 5.6 kW, which allows users to notably increase the power level of the equipment. Besides, the Husqvarna 592 XP® has new starting technology that makes it more reliable and easier to start regardless of the weather conditions – as well as an air filter for heavy-duty use. It also stands out for its Bluetooth connection system, inserted in the machine, which together with Husqvarna’s Fleet Services™ will make it posible to locate the product and monitor its performance. This will result in a much simpler management and maintenance.

Husqvarna 585, performance and durability with classical technology

On its part, the new Husqvarna 585 is a reliable and efficient piece of equipment with great durability and characterised by an excellent combination of classic technology, with an easily adjustable carburetor, ergonomic design and actual performance. This chainsaw provides an excellent cutting capacity, 17% higher than the Husqvarna 390 XP®, as well as a lower level of vibrations and an optimized maneuverability. Besides, its robust design with high quality parts as well as the easily adjustable carburetor and a powerful air filtering system mean that a professional user is ready to face any task. And its weight has been reduced, making it a light machine that can operate under any condition as it only weights 7.5 kg and has a power of 5.1 kW.

Both chainsaws will be soon available for sale.

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