The company has brought together over 400 Spanish dealers in an online meeting to present Husqvarna’s new autumn campaign and promote a new approach to work that is adapted to the new social and economic reality resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Internaco’s managing director, Juan Ferro, pointed out that he has an experienced human team to face the logistic problems and stock-outs, which are expected to last throughout the next year.

Ordes, 17 September 2021.- The Internaco Enterprises Group, which is the exclusive distributor of Husqvarna in Spain and Portugal,  met last Monday  13 with its dealer network across the country to present them not only with the additions the Swedish company has made to its product catalogue for the autumn campaign but also with Internaco’s proposals to strengthen its network, helping its dealers to renew their shops and on-line image, as well as their sales and communication channels as regards both final customers and Internaco itself.

The company presented the different families of Husqvarna products for the autumn campaign, with special mention to the new 90 cc chainsaws, which stand out for “their great power, cutting speed, easy handling and filtering capacity”, as Pablo Villaverde, one of Internaco trainers, explained.

Motosierra Husqvuarna

Sustainability and digitalisation

On the other, in line with its commitment to the environment, the company has taken another step in its sustainability policy by doing away with the traditional paper brochures. They have been replaced by a digital, interactive format which can be accessed through a QR code.  This commitment to digitalization also means a leap in quality in the management of its promotions, which today has become fundamental as the worldwide logistic problems may have consequences for the stock of the product. Also, the prices of raw material and the shipping costs may affect the prices of the goods.

The meeting was also an opportunity to present the dealers with the new Internaco Mobile App.  Dealers will be able to use this app to carry out their business with Internaco, including placing orders, stock checking, accessing all the information about a particular product, etc. The ecommerce platform service was also introduced, a sales channel that is indispensable to retain clients and which may include the creation of a corporate web for the dealer. Alternatively, the dealer may integrate in an existing web.

Besides, Internaco has developed another app aimed at managing the image of sales points.  Its objective is to improve customer experience by creating a direct, customer-friendly channel.  Assistance was also offered to dealers in order to achieve positioning in Google as Husqvarna dealers. This is essential so that final customers can easily find them, and it has shown excellent results in those dealers that have already implemented it.

Current situation

To close the meeting Managing Director Juan Ferro remarked that while throughout these months of health crisis “this sector has seen an increase in sales, it is also true that there have been logistic problems and stock-outs that are likely to continue in the remainder of 2021 and for most of 2022”.

This situation is the consequence, according to the lead manager of the company, of the congestion of maritime traffic and the scarcity of raw materials that has had an effect on, for instance, the microchips that are necessary for the manufacturing of Husqvarna’s Automower® .

Ferro has underscored, however, the professional capacity of Internaco’s human team at the logistics department “which means that we are able to manage this problem in the most efficient manner, which is a differential advantage with respect to other operators”.

In this context, Juan Ferro expressed his commitment to renewal to come out of this crisis in a better shape: “renewal of products, of sales channels, of online image, of communication, of training… It has been 18 very complicated months, but at Internaco we are making every necessary effort so that you come out stronger”, he reassured its dealers.

Juan Ferro

Luis Davila

On the other hand, cartoonist Luis Davila O Bichero, who regularly collaborates with Internaco and Husqvarna, participated in the event by drawing a cartoon live specially for the occasion. A limited series of copies of this cartoon will be printed as a prize awarded to a group of dealers for their commitment.

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