Ordes (A Coruña), 29 June 2021.- The  hardware, DIY, household, country and garden chain El Sabio is unstoppable as it drives ahead with its expansion plan, this time opening El Sabio Cherjos, the brand’s first store in the region of Castilla-La Mancha and the sixth in Spain. The new store is located in La Puebla de Almoradiel, in the heart of the Manchego plains, and has been opened to bring the novel approach that distinguishes this brand: experience and specialist attention.

El Sabio Cherjos has opened in what used to be the nightclub Pub Cherjos, a favourite party spot for several generations of local youngsters for 30 years. Today, reincarnated as a hardware store, its owners are the same people who were running the club and bar that turning the local night-life on its head in 1985 with its Irish pub concept and cocktail menu. “The place had been closed for almost five years and now we are thrilled to be starting out again,” said Emilio Sepúlveda, who manages the store with his brother Conrado. His wife Ángeles and niece Miriam are also helping out with this new venture.

Emilio and Conrado are not new to the hardware and DIY business, quite the contrary. “Our parents ran a hardware store. In the mornings we would help out in the fields and at our parents’ business,” explained Emilio, recounting childhood memories of playing with boxes of screws in the back room of the family shop.

In 2017, the economic recession saw the end of Pub Cherjos and forced its owners to reinvent themselves. Now, the Sepúlveda family is looking ahead with optimism. Completely at one with the business, the different proposal of the El Sabio chain had them convinced from day one. “We really liked their image and business model,” says Emilio, explaining that the strength of the store lies in its wide range of pruning and collection products.

The establishment is located in the heart of La Puebla de Almoradiel – next to the village church – and Emilio is sure that El Sabio Cherjos will benefit from its enviable position, attracting not only local customers but also people from the surrounding area.

Upcoming openings in Extremadura and Madrid

“El Sabio” was launched in 2020 at the height o the Covid-19 crisis with its first physical stores in Galicia, two in A Coruña and another in Ourense. The firm also has a store in Langreo (Asturias) and another in Extremadura. El Sabio Cherjos is therefore the sixth business to open under this brand in Spain.

This expansion process is part of a new business strategy driven by the Galician group Internaco, which is aiming to reinforce the traditional hardware store model by transforming these businesses into new shopping experiences and setting up a solid network of stores with a local focus ready to compete strongly on the 21st century market, so saturated with the depersonalisation of large multinational firms.

Over the coming weeks, further El Sabio stores will be opened in places such as Valdivia (Badajoz) and Getafe (Madrid). As the chain continues to expand its network of physical stores, El Sabio also offers all the expertise of local professionals to its clients via its website: www.elsabio.eu

Customer care: personalised assistance and advice

“El Sabio” was created to provide solutions to both consumers and local hardware professionals, supporting them in the process of transforming their own businesses so that small firms -and therefore consumers- are never left alone, particularly at times as difficult as we are currently experiencing.

The personalised recommendations, attention and advice are the distinguishing features of the brand, but above all, a firm bet on a local, rather than a global approach. “El Sabio” aims to be the antithesis of depersonalisation. “At the moment the consumer feels lost, because they either can’t find what they are looking for, they don’t know exactly what they need or they find it difficult to understand how to use a product properly,” says the firm, which stands out for offering a new, single-channel shopping experience, with its own brands; Orework for manual machines and Kuril for engine-operated equipment, as well as other top-level brands.

The El Sabio stores will be the only hardware establishments in Spain that sell products by Ryobi, the world leader in battery-run tools. The chain has also recently closed a deal with Milwaukee, another of the major business lines of the TTI Group.

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