El Sabio Comercial Grande, in the district area of El Bierzo, is the new addition to the brand, which is now present in eight autonomous communities.

Ordes (A Coruña) 12 November 2021.- Hardware shop chain El Sabio specialised in DIY, forestry, orchards, and gardening continues with its expansion across Spain as it has just begun to operate in Castilla y León with the opening of its first shop in this autonomous community, El Sabio Comercial Grande. This shop is located at the industrial park of Camponaraya, seven kilometres away from Ponferrada, a town with a population of 70,000 and the head of the El Bierzo district area.

At the El Sabio Comercial Grande, location is a great advantage as the industrial park has over 100 companies and is the economic powerhouse of the municipality by the same name. It is also very well connected as trunk road Nacional VI goes across it and it is 800 metres away from Autovía A6 motorway.

Five people, three men and two women, make up the staff. They all perfectly meet the features that identify the brand: closeness to customers, customized attention, and a deep knowledge of the product. “The El Sabio project was made for us”, explains its owner, Francisco Javier Fernández Martínez. With him is his wife, Joyce. Fernando, Jessica and Pedro are the other faces of the shop, which is specialized in farm and watering machinery. So, the El Sabio Comercial Grande provides modern premises and an exhibition space of over 300 square metres where customers will find the widest range of hardware products in the market for the orchard and the garden.

They have no doubt that diversification is the way to go to evolve and compete in an increasingly harder market. At the El Sabio Comercial Grande experience counts and is also an added value. “I have been in the industry for over 20 years now, and the same is true for other staff”, remarks Francisco Javier, who learned from his parents the love for the trade.

Trabajadores de El Sabio Comercial Grande

“El Sabio makes me different”

And this passion for the family business – which Francisco Javier has been developing since he turned eight – has a lot to do with his commitment to El Sabio: “it gives me a lot of confidence and assurance. Besides, I am not losing market share or my identity. On the contrary, El Sabio makes me different”.

Also, the use of new technologies has been determinant in joining the project. “Today, selling on the Internet is essential and we wanted to do it well”, stresses Francisco Javier as he highlights that the company has given him the opportunity to “open up his business with more continuity products”.

Interior de la tienda El Sabio Comercial Grande

From Galicia to Andalusía

The El Sabio project begun little over a year ago, in 2020, with the opening of its first brick and mortar shops in the province of A Coruña. Today is present in as many as eight autonomous communities: Galicia, Asturias, Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha, Comunidad de Madrid, Aragón, Andalucía and Castilla y León. Currently, the El sabio network consist of the following shops: El Sabio Agrosilva and El Sabio A Botica do Agro (A Coruña), El Sabio Saínza (Ourense), El Sabio Roces Belón (Langreo, Asturias), El  Sabio Ferrex and El Sabio Antonio Mena (Badajoz), El Sabio Cherjos (Puebla de Almoradiel, Toledo), El Sabio Getafe (Getafe, Madrid), El Sabio Mascoticas (Zaragoza), El Sabio Fidela (Sariñena, Huesca), El Sabio Comercial Pineda (Fines, Almería), El Sabio Dreyma (Villaconejos, Madrid), El Sabio VL Friol  (Lugo) and its new addition, El Sabio Comercial Grande (León).

El Sabio is a unique project that is part of an innovative business strategy driven by Galician group Internaco, which wishes to promote the model of traditional ironmonger’s shops by transforming the business into new purchasing experiences and establishing a strong network of locally involved shops. Its goal is to compete unashamedly in the 21st century, global market overrun by the depersonalization of multinationals.

This means offering consumers quality but without losing sight of what matters, customers, is a priority of the brand, which is committed to the local as opposed to the global and which stands out for offering a different, omnichannel buying experience. A customized and differentiated service is very important for El Sabio and to this end it has its own brands: Orework for non-powered tools and Kuril for powered tools, as well as other top brands. Its latest operations include an exclusive sales agreement with Ryobi and the purchase of Ferreglobal, the distributor in Spain and Portugal for the tool brand Truper and its associate brands.

El Sabio makes all the expertise of local ironmongers available to its customers in its website at www.elsabio.eu.

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