With this move, Internaco seeks to guarantee 24-hour delivery anywhere in the Iberian Peninsula.

El Sabio is a hardware project committed to the transformation of local shops and businesses.

The exponential growth of the Sabio and Internaco’s commitment to innovation have been the drivers of this strategic alliance.

Ordes, 20 December 2021.- The Internaco Group has strengthened its hardware project El Sabio, by opening a new automated logistics platform in the Spanish capital. It will be managed by logistics transnational company Dachser. El Sabio is a project that began little over a year ago seeking to bring about changes in the sector and it showcases the strong commitment by the Ordes-based company to local shops and businesses.

The agreement reached with Dachser increases and deepens the already existing close cooperation between both companies, which began at the warehouses Internaco owns in Ourense. The great response, popularity and spectacular growth that El Sabio has been having, not to mention the good prospects and expectations this transforming project has been generating together with the innovative nature of the Internaco group have been the triggering factors and drivers of this most important strategic alliance.

The basis of the agreement between both organisations is the availability of a modern automated logistical platform in Meco (Madrid) boasting 35,000 square meters of warehouse and room for 42, 000 pallets. These premises will boost the activity of the group by making it possible to manage as many as 700 orders and 9,000 order lines per day.

With this move, the Internaco Group, through its El Sabio division, seeks to shorten the distance between the company and its customers and ensure its commitment to service 24 hours a day anywhere in the Iberian Peninsula.

Interior tienda El Sabio

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