The hardware shop chain specialised in DIY, gardening and forestry is now present in seven autonomous communities and a 13-shop network focused on local service.

Ordes (A Coruña) 29 October 2021.- Hardware shop chain El Sabio specialised in DIY, forestry, orchards, and gardening has again chosen Galicia to strengthen its national network with the opening of a 450 m2 shop in the A Gándara industrial park, in the municipality of Friol (Lugo). This is the fourth shop of the chain in the autonomous community of Galicia and the 13th across Spain.

At El Sabio VL Friol, the first shop of the company in the province of Lugo, customers will find a fully customised service – the defining characteristic of El Sabio – in contrast with a hardware sector that is growing increasingly depersonalized by the influence of multinational companies. Leading this new project is Cristina Varela López who provides this project with her professionalism, devotion, and enthusiasm.

Cristina explains that one of the reasons that led her to embark on the El Sabio project was the feeling that she was part of a great, forward-looking project that tunes in with people’s true needs, with its customers. “I liked it from the start, it gave me assurance”, she explains as she stresses the importance of teamwork: “I have the invaluable support of Alberto, my husband, and Felicitas”.

The opening of El Sabio VL Friol will contribute to the dynamization of this municipality in the province of Lugo whose economic engine is the agri-food sector. The shop offers a wide range of options to lovers of ironmongery and DIY, but it also caters for professional clients. The shop also offers an extensive range of gardening and farming machinery, which are the main activities in the area, explains the owner of the shop, which is 25 km from Lugo.

Interior de la tienda de El Sabio V.L. Friol

Three openings in one month

The El Sabio chain started barely a year ago – in 2020 – with its first brick-and-mortar shops in A Coruña and today it is present in seven autonomous communities: Galicia, Asturias, Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha, Comunidad de Madrid, Aragón and Andalucía. The El Sabio network consists of: El Sabio Agrosilva and El Sabio A Botica do Agro (A Coruña), El Sabio Saínza (Ourense), El Sabio Roces Belón (Langreo, Asturias), El Sabio Ferrex and El Sabio Antonio Mena (Badajoz), El Sabio Cherjos (Puebla de Almoradiel, Toledo), El Sabio Getafe (Getafe, Madrid), El Sabio Mascoticas (Zaragoza) and El Sabio Fidela (Sariñena, Huesca). With the addition this October of El Sabio Comercial Pineda (Fines, Almería), El Sabio Dreyma (Villaconejos, Madrid) and El Sabio VL Friol, the company has now 13 shops.

El Sabio is a unique project that is part of an innovative business strategy driven by Galician group Internaco, which wishes to promote the model of traditional ironmonger’s shops by transforming the business into new purchasing experiences and establishing a strong network of locally involved shops to compete unashamedly in the 21th century, overrun by the depersonalization of multinationals.

Offering consumers quality but without losing sight of what matters, customers, is a priority of the brand, which is committed to the local as opposed to the global and which stands out for offering a different, omnichannel buying experience.

A customized and differentiated service is very important for El Sabio and to this end it has its own brands: Orework for non-powered tools and Kuril for powered tools, as well as other top brands.

Its latest operations include an exclusive sales agreement with Ryobi and the purchase of Ferreglobal, the distributor in Spain and Portugal for the tool brand Truper and its associate brands. While the expansion process of the brick-and-mortar shops is underway, El Sabio makes all the expertise of local ironmongers available to its customers in its website at

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