The brand arrives in the province of Almería with El Sabio Comercial Pineda, which becomes shop 11 of the hardware shop chain.

Ordes (A Coruña), 6 October 2021 – Hardware shop chain El Sabio has chosen the province of Almería to begin its expansion in Andalucía by opening El Sabio Comercial Pineda, a shop specialised in farm machinery and equipment at the town of Fines, in Almanzora Valley, an area with over 53,000 inhabitants.

The new show boasts a showroom area of 220 m2 and provides its customers with an extensive range of tools, including hand tools and machinery for gardens and orchards, explains Tamara Molina, who, along with her brothers José and Alberto, is in charge of El Sabio Comercial Pineda. The team is completed by two other people, Nuria and María Jesús.

Trabajadores de El Sabio Comercial Pineda

El Sabio, the answer

The business, eminently familiar, immediately saw in El Sabio the solution to adapt to the new times. “We wanted to grow, to evolve, not to get stuck in the past”, says Tamara, who explains that they took the decision to specialize in the hardware sector when their realized that there was in a gap in the market for this sector in the area. “Most of our customers have orchards, they live in country houses and there is a growing demand for hardware products and farm machinery. We needed to be able to meet this demand and the answer was El Sabio”, she adds.

With El Sabio Comercial Pineda, the brand opens to the market in the south of Spain and consolidates its expansion plan based in the business strategy of reaching the whole of Spain in record time. In fact, the shop in Almeria – the first to open in Andalucía, making this the eleventh shop of this hardware chain in Spain- will open just 15 days after the opening of El Sabio Fidela in the province of Huesca.

In seven autonomous communities

El Sabio started in 2020 with its first brick-and-mortar shops in A Coruña. Today, it can be found in 7 autonomous communities: Galicia, Asturias, Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha, Comunidad de Madrid, Aragon and Andalucía and has ten further shops: Agrosilva and A Botica do Agro (A Coruña), Saínza (Ourense), Roces Belón (Langreo, Asturias), Ferrex and Antonio Mena (Badajoz), Cherjos (Puebla de Almoradiel, Toledo), Getafe (Getafe, Madrid) and Mascoticas (Zaragoza) and Fidela (Sariñena, Huesca).

The operation is part of an innovative business strategy driven by Galician group Internaco, which wishes to promote the model of traditional ironmonger’s shops by transforming the business into new purchasing experiences and establishing a strong network of locally involved shops to compete unashamedly in the 21th century, overrun by the depersonalization of multinationals.

Offering consumers quality but without losing sight of what matters, customers, is a priority of the brand, which is committed to the local as opposed to the global and which stands out for offering a different, omnichannel buying experience.

El Sabio has its own brands: Orework for non-powered tools and kuril for powered tools, as well as other top brands. Its latest operations include an exclusive sales agreement with Ryobi and the purchase of Ferreglobal, the distributor in Spain and Portugal for the tool brand Truper and its associate brands. While the expansion process of the brick-and-mortar shops is underway, El Sabio makes all the expertise of local ironmongers available to its customers in its website at

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