Benza Energy


BENZA Energy is the division specialised in energy solutions of the INTERNACO Group, developed from the experience and the expertise of INTERNACO in the manufacturing of industrial equipment for lease and public works. BENZA has become one of the leading brands because it delivers extremely high quality and robustness and is now one of the main industrial machinery manufacturers in Galicia. Ever since its inception, it has manufactured and marketed over 100,000 units for both the national and international markets.

Our generator sets and power generation systems are tailor-designed to meet the requirements of each application. We provide the generator set that best suits to the client’s project, and in order to achieve this, we use the best components in the market, with maximum guarantees and in full compliance with the specific regulations applicable to each industry.

BENZA Energy has a team of engineers and technical personnel that propose and implement power generation solutions that meet the needs of customers. Consultancy services for each solution include construction issues as well as electrical installation and civil engineering while providing clients with support in the execution of their projects.

We offer solutions to manufacturers and companies from a variety of industries (power plants, oil plants, power and water stations, ports, mining, cogeneration plants, telecommunications, transport and all types of infrastructures) operating in countries across all five continents.

9 – 45 kVA
46 – 185 kVA
200 – 499 kVA
500 -999 kVA
1000 – 3000 KVA

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